Dryer Vent Inspections

8500154_origIncreasing Home Safety Through Dryer Vent Inspections

If not maintained correctly, the clothes dryer is one of the most dangerous appliances. As one of the best preventative measures available to you, a dryer vent inspection helps ensure that your appliance operates safely.

Several elements within the dryer vent come together to make these systems dangerous. First, there is heat in the form of steam being exhausted from the dryer. This steam carries trace amounts of dryer lint which accumulates faster than you might think. As dryer lint builds, blockages can occur and stop the flow of air. The accumulated dryer lint can ignite and result in a serious house fire.

These types of dryer vent fires result in tragic accidents and monumental amounts of property damage every year.

Dryer vent inspections make it possible to identify and address problems within the vent before fires have the opportunity to occur. Regular maintenance of the vent can improve both your safety and the performance of the machine.

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