Air Duct Inspections

6767523_origEnhance Your HVAC System Starting with Annual Air Duct Inspections

In recent years the increased emphasis on reducing energy usage and costs led many homeowners to spend thousands of dollars replacing their HVAC equipment. All they really needed were annual air duct inspections.

Air circulates daily through the ducts, clogging them with dirt, dust and other contaminants. Over time the ducts can also develop cracks and leaks. In combination with restricted airflow, these leaks reduce the efficiency of the heating and air system.

During an annual air duct inspection, The Chimney Guy technicians evaluate even the least accessible areas of your duct system. If problems such as blockage, leaks, rust, mold, or mildew are found, they will be brought to your attention. Promptly addressing these concerns improves the performance of your equipment and the indoor air quality throughout your home.

Addressing the problems within your duct system by opting for air duct inspections is important for the health, safety and comfort of your home, and is an affordable, cost efficient method of increasing your home energy efficiency.

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