6940185_origKeep Your Home in Top Condition with Professional Annual Inspection Services

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or simply ensuring that your house is safe for your family, one of your first tasks should be to schedule an annual inspection of your masonry structures.

These annual inspections include:

  • Chimney Inspections – Ensure that your chimney is free of debris, build-up, cracks, leaks and other structural weaknesses.
  • Air Duct Inspections – An inspection of your air ducts can bring light to problems that could potentially be affecting your HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • Dryer Vent Inspections – Routine dryer vent inspections can significantly reduce your risk of house fires, as neglected vents contribute to thousands of cases of property damage each year.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Having a professional who is familiar with chimney systems, air ducts, vents, and various masonry structures inspect your home is an extremely valuable investment.

The crews at The Chimney Guy have many years of experience working within this industry and can identify the early signs of deterioration, stress and disrepair that the untrained eye would be unable to detect.

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